90 Degree Swivel Joint 1-1/4"

90 Degree Swivel Joint 1-1/4"

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90 Degree Reel Swivel, Common swivel found on most Vactor®, Vac-Con®, Camel®, Vacall®, Cleanearth® and others trucks and trailers.  TM® Style Rated at 6000 PSI.

TM® Style swivel joints are manufactured and engineered to exact specifications.  Only the highest quality materials are used in manufacturing this product to ensure the purchaser a quality, dependable swivel with a longer life and less down time than competitive models.

• The Housings are a steel investment cost for a longer life.
• The Gland Nuts are Heat Treated for a longer wear.
• The Rotary Sleeve is Heat Treated for longer wear and milled with (2) flat areas that are machined on the rotary sleeve for wrench-tightening.
• The Backup Ring is Nickel plated to prevent rust.
• Zerk Fittings are installed to lubricate for longer wear.
• All parts are interchangeable with TM® manufactured swivels.

¾” 90 Degree Swivel Reference #’s
Vactor # 46829, SECA # 51664-00-T, Shamrock # 12TM

1” 90 Degree Swivel Reference #’s
Vactor # 40052, SRECO # 30029, SECA # 50519-00-J, Shamrock # 16TM, Vacall # 39070001

1-1/4” 90 Degree Swivel Reference #’s
Vactor # 43947, Vacall # 39070002, Super Products # 6000-01647, Shamrock # 20TM, SRECO # 30030, Vaccon # 663-0002


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